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Date: 1st August 2017
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How to Use Peelaway 1 & 7 Paint & Varnish Remover

We always recommend firstly using the PeelAway 1 & 7 sample pack to find out what system is suitable for your specific job and how thick you would be required to apply it.

PeelAway Paint Remover can remove up to 32 coats in one application, removing a huge range of paints and varnishes from most surfaces. An ideal paint removal tool for intricate, heavily detailed areas.

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PeelAway 1:

PeelAway 1 is the number 1 choice for professionals, specifically made for the risk free removal of old oil-based coatings specifically lead based paints typically found in areas painted before 1972. It does contain caustic elements meaning it must be carefully applied and correct safety equipment must be used. It also is not compatible with use on aluminium and it may also cause damage to some hardwoods and types of oak.

PeelAway 7:

PeelAway 7 is a low odour water-based paint stripper, that is intended for use on most modern paints and varnishes found in areas painted after 1972. Fine to use on almost any surface ranging from sandstone to fibreglass. It is naturally degradable and does not contain methylene chloride or caustic soda.

To Apply the Sample Pack:

Give the pastes a mix prior to use, spread the pastes out in separate test areas and in various thicknesses. Making sure you apply the correct blanket on each area, green for the PeelAway 7 and red for PeelAway 1, making sure you smooth out any air bubbles.

Once PeelAway has successfully removed the layers of finish, peel away the blanket, remove any excess and then wash down the treated surface PeelAway 7 can be cleaned off with warm water and PeelAway 1 with neat vinegar. A dedicated neutraliser comes with the larger units of PeelAway 1.

Surfaces that have been repeatedly painted over the past few decades may require an initial application of PeelAway 7 to remove the coats applied after 1972, followed by a further application of the PeelAway 1 to remove any of the harder to remove metal and lead based paints applied prior to 1972.


Always use suitable protective equipment, and take due care while applying any of the products featured in these video’s.

All prices are accurate at time of the video going live.

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